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A Great Loss to the Field

Posted August 18th, 2014 by Dr. Dave

Frank-199x300It’s with great sadness and a heavy heart, that I share this today. I just heard that Frank Sumption passed away this weekend from a heart attack.

Frank, was the creator of the Frank’s Box which sparked a whole new form of audio ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication). The Frank’s Box was the original Ghostbox that involved an AM/FM tuner that scanned through the band providing random audio/noise that spirits could use to communicate. Frank originally used tuners he removed from old car stereos and built his own circuits to scan the band linearally straight through, and in some cases randomly. He also used an echo chamber which he believed made it possible for the Frank’s Box to give such excellent results.

FranksBoxFrank’s invention inspired Bill Chappel to modify other commercially sold radios to prove that it could be done with any radio that scanned the band. This began the term Shack Hack. Shack Hack was the term coined for a radio shack box that was hacked to be a ghostbox. Bill Chappel is the inventor of the Ovilus, Puck and many more paranormal gadgets available for purchase at http://digitaldowsing.com/.

This inspired Mike Coletta, also known as UFO Geek(http://ufogeek.com/), discovered the hacks for multiple Radio Shack radios and posted How-to Videos on Youtube(no longer available). Mike Colletta’s videos were what got me interested in modifying my own radio to have a shack hack. That radio was the 12-469, which I introduced to Jenny Stewart (now my wife), when I met her and participated in my first investigation with her at the Witches Castle (Utica, Indiana)12-469Jenny coined the term Ghostbox which has become the generic term to refer to any box that works similar like the Frank’s Box, Shack Hacks, Spirit Box and many others.  Since then, Jenny and I have done many years of investigation using the Ghostbox / Shack Hack.

Steves BoxFrank Sumption’s continued work inspired Steve Hultay from Keyport Paranormal to learn to build boxes and experiment with various circuits and designs.  Steve was the recipient of Frank’s Box #13.

P-SB7Frank’s inventions also inspired 1000’s of investigators to use variations of the Frank’s Box like the Shack Hacks, and Spirit Box (SPB-7 and new SPB-11) and many more.

I’m grateful for Frank’s contributions to the Paranormal field and the loss of him will be felt by many.   Frank’s inventions have inspired others to pick up the mantle and develop the next big piece of equipment widely used by paranormal investigators everywhere.


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