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Raspberry Pi gets 8MP Camera Modules

Posted April 25th, 2016 by Tech Time With Brock and Doc

Well here we go again with another upgrade to the armada of add-ons available for your Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi has now released an 8MP Camera module for the Raspberry Pi.. The previous version of the camera modules available for the Raspberry Pi were only 5MP. These are 8MP and again come in two flavors; IR and NoIR. Again, keep in mind that the naming is reverse of what you would naturally think. The NoIR is named thusly because it has no IR filter so it is sensitive to IR light and good for applications in low lighting or night vision. The IR camera has an IR filter installed and is only good for daylight applications or applications where visible light is applied on the object for which you are taking stills or videos of. Each camera module is only $25 at the same price as the old modules.

Check out this video at MCM Electronics to find out more about these new camera modules:

MCM 8MP Raspberry Pi Camera Module Video

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