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Father Alan Cox [On-Demand]

Posted October 3rd, 2016 by Tech Time With Brock and Doc

tech-time-father-alan-coxBrock Burroughs and Dave Erickson are joined by Father Alan Cox. Alan is a psychic, radio host, executive producer and a Valentinian gnostic priest who resides in the UK along with his amazing partner Anne.

Alan Cox is the host of Understanding Spirit, Musical Memories, Inspirational Voices and Sunday Morning Spiritual all here on the ParaMania Radio network. So that means Alan is a busy man.

Alan’s show Understanding Spirit brings you, all different out looks and opinions of the spirit world. Every week Alan’s guests talk about their beliefs and experiences. The show offers a diverse view of life and the after life. Understanding Spirit has been on Internet Radio for years and joined ParaMania as one of the pilot shows that launched ParaMania Radio back in September of 2011. It airs every Thursday at 9PM British Summer Time / 4PM Eastern / 1PM Pacific.

His show, Musical Memories, each weeks brings the listeners the top 5 songs in the US and UK from a by gone year. It airs Fridays at 11PM British Summer Time / 6PM Eastern / 3PM Pacific.

Then on Sunday mornings, Alan Cox is joined with his co-host Jillian Haslam who bring Inspirational Voices. A show aimed towards the morning listeners in India and Great Britian, Inspirational Voices explores the lives of guests, stories and topics of inspirational people who have overcome great obstacles in life and accomplished great things. The show teaches us that we can all overcome whatever the universe puts before us and can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Check out this show and be inspired to be the best you, that you can be. Tune in for Inspirational Voices when its airs on Sunday’s at 8am British Summer Time / 3PM Eastern / 12AM Pacific.

And Alan’s lastest creation alongside his cohost Bishop David Parry is Sunday Morning Spiritual. This show talks about what is happening in the world and focuses on different countries about their spiritual beliefs and much more. This show airs at 10AM British Summer Time / 5AM Eastern / 2AM Pacific.

In between all his radio shows, he along with his partner Anne help people in need by performing spiritual clearings and cleansings and removing negative entities from peoples homes or businesses.

Alan recently became the very first Valentinian Gnostic priest in England for at least 700 years which is as far back as records go because all previous documents were destroyed centuries ago.

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