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Join hosts Brock and Doc for the all new show focusing on the Technology used in Paranormal Investigations and Research. We will share a little hsitory about ourselves, our experiences and talk about some of the equipment used in the Paranormal.

Roy Wallace from Eastern States Paranoraml join us to talk all about Electromagnetic Fields(EMF). An electromagnetic field (also EMF or EM field) is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the behavior of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. What are the effects on the human body and mind? What is the right way to use EMF Meters? What are the wrong ways? What do EMF meters actually measure? What types of EMF devices are there? And Why do we use them?

All about Digital Cameras. Chad McKenzie will join us to talk about what different types are there? What is a megapixel? Best way to collect data using a digital camera. Also talking about Orbs, Lens flare, fakes, and Photo Validation. Is your old analog film camera better?

All about the Ghostbox. From the origins of the Frank’s box to what some call the ghostbox or spiritbox, Jenny Stewart joins us to talk about how to use the ghostbox for a paranormal investigation and the do’s and dont’s.

This week we talk all about the Ovilus with Sheena Metal from the hit radio show Haunted Playground and the Sheena Metal Experience. What is the Ovilus? How do they work? Do they produce evidence of the paranormal?

This week’s show is all about the storage and archival of your investigation data. How do you store and archive your data? Do you keep everything or do you keep just the data tagged as potential evidence? How long do you want to store your data? What’s the safe way to store my data? And is there a better way?

Adam Sutphin and James Edwards of SouthWest Virginia Ghost Hunters join us to talk about EM Pumps(EM Vortex), Misc sensor devices, Static Field Detectors (detects changes in static fields), Geophone Devices (Vibration detection).

This week we talk about Audio Experiments with Michael Esposito and Live Audio Art/Music made from Paranormal Evidence.

The human mind? Psychology of investigating, how we misinterpret data as evidence of the paranormal, personal experiences, influence and group think. With guest Paranormal Sarah.

We are joined by Chad McKenzie, Sara Spencer, Zack Kelly and Gerald Davis from the Kentucky Paranormal Investigators (KPI) to talk about their teams use of technology for Paranormal Investigating.

This week is all about Digital Voice Recorders. What to get? How to use them? Quality vs Quantity? Types of Microphones? Wireless microphones?

This week we will talk all about Equipment Setup and Storage. It will definitely include but not limited to Safety with setting up equipment, Camera placement. Base Camp location, Securing cables, tripods and other equipment. What steps do you take or not take to prevent damage to a site when setting up equipment?
How do you train your team on using the technology
? How do you store your equipment to keep it safe during transport? What type of Equipment Cases to use? How do you account for all your equipment so nothing goes missing or gets left behind?

We are joined by members from the Southwest Virginia Ghost hunters to talk about their teams use of technology when investigating.

Can you use a medium as a tool to aide in Paranormal Investigations? And how do you properly do so? Can a medium taint or mislead an investigation? Find out this and more when Jenny Stewart talks about our next piece of technology available for paranormal research, the medium.

We are joined by Donna Woodwell, an astrologer and host of Dead Astrologers Society here on ParaMania Radio! Donna will be joining us to show astrology can be used as a tool to aide in our Paranormal Research.

Joe Chin from Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International joins us so we can talk about how he uses technology on investigations. Be sure not to miss this episode!

Roy and Sandy from Eastern States Paranormal and Jenny Stewart join us and we talk about the paranormal activity in Roy and Sandy’s house along with a live ghostbox session.

Dowsing Rods have many uses but Wes Forsythe, Host of Paranormal Filler Radio and Owner of, joins us to talk about how to use Dowsing Rods for the Paranormal.

Chad McKenzie joins us once again to talk about digital cameras and using them in the paranormal.

Brock and Dr. Dave talk about the various audio software available to use for audio review and what they each prefer to use. Maybe even a few techniques and hints and trick on how to review audio 🙂

Digital Video Cameras. Different types? (Standard VS HD, Night Vision, Thermal, Full Spectrum) How they are used? What to expect? How to review data in search of evidence?
DVR systems, cameras and types available? How to setup, and run them? Problems you can run into with cables and interference? Wireless cameras? IP Cameras?
IR illuminators/Full Spectrum lights. Type of illuminators? Size to use?

What does the new paranormal investigator need in their Paranormal Starter Kit?

We discuss the paranormal with a roundtable of guests incuding Jenny Stewart, Adam Sutphin and Roy Wallace

We will be talking all about flash lights, black light, laser grids, laser mics, motion sensors, light sensors/meters and more.

Brock and Doc will share their annual predictions for new paranormal technology for the upcoming year. Be sure to join us and share with us your thoughts too!

Sarah Harmon, host of The Skeleton Key, joins us once again to talk this time about the God Helmet, ganzfeld experiment, paradolia, binaural beats and much more.

We talk about white noise generators, EVP Maker and similar devices or software to help aide in capturing of EVP.

Brian Cano, the Tech Specialist from Syfy’s Haunted Collector, will be joining us to talk about his use of paranormal technology, his experiences and also his upcoming events and projects. Be sure to join us for this amazing show.

Everything Ghostbox? Whats in a ghostbox? How does it work? What ghostboxes are available? Who should be using ghotboxes and who shouldn’t?

What devices would you want to have? What would be the perfect device? How would it work? What would it do? Theoretical Devices

What is Instrumental Transdimensional Communication (ITC)? What different types and methods of ITC are out there? What is Video ITC?

Stan “The Most Dangerous Man” Howard, joins us to talk about his exploration of the paranormal with his team P.A.S.T (Paranormal Activity Search Team).

Cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard joins us to talk about the crossover of technology between Paranormal and Cryptid world. Ken has a unique view as he has also participated in several paranormal investigations.

Steve Hultay, a paranormal researcher who has strived to do more in the field. Steve decided he wanted to learn how to build ghostboxes so he taught himself how. He has experimented with his design incorporating ideas from others and trying new things, testing it as he goes. We will talk to him about his experiences, what he has learned a long the way and what he hopes to do and learn in the future.

Patrick Burns from TruTV’s Haunting Evidence joins us to talk about his use of technology in the paranormal field as well as amazing IR Photography.

We have a paranormal panel of investigators from Pennsylvania. We will be joined by Phil Wheeler, Barbara McCarthy Spayd, and Chuck Sanders to talk about the paranormal field with a technology twist!

Founder Beth Brown of Grave Concerns Paranormal in New Hope, Virginia joins us to talk about how her team investigates the paranormal.

Phil Wheeler of the PA Paranormal Association joins us to talk about his team and how it investigates. We’ll also talk more with Phil on his ideas for new technology.

Living Paranormal Radio hosts Rob Henry and Jason Olivio join us talk about the paranormal and technology. Rob is also the founder and lead investigator of the Original West Virginia Paranormal.

Join Brock and Doc as we talk to Jeff Sanford, one of the co-founders of Kentucky Paranormal which was founded in 2011. Ky Paranormal started as two different groups (KY Shadow Chasers and KY Spirit Seekers) and were combined in 2011 with the common goal of helping people! Jeff has appeared on My Ghost Story and also appeared in the TAPS Para-magazine in the May/June 2012 issue. We will be talking to Jeff about what equipment they use, how they run an investigation and some of the places and experiences that they have encountered.

Jared Tracey and Brent Smith join us from Pasadena Paranormal Investigators to talk about the paranormal and their use of technology.

Paramania’s own Jimmy Haunted joins us to talk about technology then and now. What has changed? What has not?

How Experiments can Help or Hurt an investigation? Whether you should be doing experiments? Where you should be doing paranormal experiments? And how to setup successful experiments..

Is there more spirit communication going on around you then you realize? Is it pareidolia? Random Noise? Or more communication. Let’s talk about techniques to try to retrieve more data from our recordings and EVP sessions.

We talk about our perception of events and how it can influence us in both good and ways. How can we investigate an unknown if our perception of it is limited or can be altered?

Come celebrate our one-year anniversary and wish Tech Time a Happy Birthday!

Chad McKenzie joins us to talk all about analog cameras and film.

Brock and Dave are joined by Melissa Bruce to talk about the blending of the disciplines of astrology and mediumship to give a better picture. Melissa will share with us how it’s done. Melissa is the host of ParaManaia Radio’s, Heavy Metal Psychic. She is also one of the hosts that does Circle of Mediums on ParaMania Radio. Melissa is an active teacher for the Spiritualists Online Network( known to many as FaeryMother.

Find out all about what pieces of equipment people are using in the paranormal that we find useless and why!

Brock’s Aunt, Donna Mauck, joins us to talk about hypnosis, crystals and chakras. We will discuss the use of Hypnosis and Crystals as a tool for Paranormal Investigations. We will also look how hypnosis and crystals may be use to heighten a paranormal investigators senses on a paranormal investigation. Donna will educate us on the theory and use of hypnosis and the use of crystals and how they can be used to clear the charkas and also used for protection

Scott Morrow joins us to talk about his experiences investigating and his beliefs of the state of the paranormal community, the equipment we use and where we are heading.. Scott is the host of The Fearless Ghosthunter which airs every Saturday at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific on ParaMania Radio.

Brock and Doc will discuss weather and environmental phenomena that may effect your investigations. Some good. Some Bad.

Chad McKenzie joins us once again. This time we talk about proper paranormal investigation techniques from the opinions of Chad McKenzie, Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson.

Brock and Dave share with you collected examples of data collected from several investigations that mention demons and much more.. Was there really a demon there? or was it just something trying to get rid of it? Let’s ask that question and more.

We will be joining together with some of his friends to remember Frank Sumption for his friendship and contributions to the paranormal field. Frank Sumption was the inventor of the well known Frank’s Box which sparked a whole new area of Paranormal ITC Research. He also built the Video Frank’s Box which was a Video ITC version of the Frank’s Box. Friends Lisa Terio and Tim Woolworth join us to remember Frank.

Its about time for Brock and Doc to have a show about time travel. Join them as they discuss theories, science fiction, and the reality of paranormal and supernatural experiences.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about low tech and no tech items and objects that you can use for paranormal investigations.

Jenny Stewart joins us once again but this time to talk about Spirit Attachments. What are they? How can they effect you? Can they impact your equipment during an investigation? These questions and more!

Tim Woolworth, Jason Srock, and Brenda Ozog of Motor City Ghost Hunters joins us to talk about their experiences in the paranormal and their use of technology.

Chad McKenzie joins Brock and Dave to talk about their investigation at St. Albans. We will share clips from the investigation with EVP’s, Ghostbox sessions and more.

Bill Hauser aka Candoey joins us to talk about his Ghost Box research and his use of faraday bags to eliminate external signals from reaching the radio.

A bigger, longer, uncut paranormal roundtable with a couple guests Chad McKenzie and Jimmy Haunted.

Join us as we talk to members of Extreme Validation Paranormal. We will hear what equipment they use, how they investigate and maybe some stories from their favorite investigations!

Christopher Forsythe and Wayne Micracle are joining us representing their team, Metro Paranormal Investigations. The members of MPI believe that their mission can be best summed up in one sentence: we are here to help and to understand. The members of Metro Paranormal Investigations are here to assist anyone experiencing unexplained activity. Several members of MPI have experienced paranormal activity in their own lives, and understand how confusing or frightening such occurrences can be. MPI does not render judgment about a person or situation beforehand, instead allowing the evidence collected to speak for itself. MPI believes that every client deserves to be treated with respect, and to know that there are options other than living with fear or confusion. Further, MPI also strives to help expand knowledge of the paranormal through proven research techniques, as well as education for those interested in learning more about the paranormal world.

Join us as we talk to members of St. Croix Paranormal. We will hear what equipment they use, how they investigate and maybe some stories from their favorite investigations!

Brock and Dave review some of the paranormal smartphone and tablet applications available to be used on a paranormal investigation. Are they worth your time and/or money?

Join us as we talk to members of Galloway Township Paranormal Society. We will hear what equipment they use, how they investigate and maybe some stories from their favorite investigations!

Brock and Doc are joined by Chris Bailey from Grimstone, Inc Paranormal Investigators. After two childhood ghost encounters and one adult paranormal experience, Christopher Bailey began paranormal investigating in 1996. Before mainstream media and when paranormal topics were still taboo in parts of Michigan, he founded Grimstone Inc. Paranormal Investigators to better understand what was gradually being reported. Originally starting out with a scientist, historian, and security specialist, the organization has grown considerably in its nearly two decades of existence. With two chapter houses, they have been providing private homes and businesses discreet scientific investigations throughout Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. Christopher has investigated as far away as Hong Kong and created the web based tool, Paramap, to statistically and demographically examine hauntings throughout the United States. In an effort to bring quality instruments to investigators without gimmicks and help improve the scientific quality of work being done in the paranormal community, he started creating his own equipment line this past year. Today Grimstone attempts to utilize state of the art equipment for its investigations from handheld thermal cameras to sensor-equipped aerial drones.For more information on Grimstone Inc. and its activities, please visit

We share our tech christmas wishlist for the paranormal investigator.

Brock and Dave review 2014 and the Tech Time predictions.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson share their predictions for technology in the paranormal for 2015 and much more!

Brock and Dave explore the concepts of baskmasking, phoenetic reversal, reverse evp’s and subconscious message insertion.

Brock and Dave discuss various light anomoloies and shadows they have witnessed when investigating paranormally active locations. Dave will also share some stories of his time living in his own personal hell house back in Maryland.

Brock and Dave talk about animals and the paranormal. Are animals more aware of the paranormal then we are? Should animals be used as part of an investigation? What can our animals tell us about the reality we live in? We will attempt to answer these questions and more.

Brock and Dave discuss using sage and other forms of protection while investigating the paranromal. What do you think? Does it help? Or are these just tools to reinforce your psyche and personal strength? We will take callins during the show so you can share your opinion 919-295-0150.

Brock and Dave come back from the future to talk to you about the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. It is a capable little device that enables people of all ages to explore computing, and to learn how to program in languages like Scratch and Python. We will take call-ins during the show so you can share your opinion 919-295-0150.

Brock and Dave are joined by the lovely Jenny Stewart to talk about proper case management and interviewing techniques.

Mr. Jimmy Haunted joins us to share some of his research he has done into reverse messages in recordings. Is this phenomena just a statistical probability of random sounds converging, pareidolia or is there something really leaving these wacky messages? You decide!!!

Brock and Dave are joined by Dave’s mom, Cheryl Jones. Cheryl talks with them about her paranormal realm from seeing spirits, exploration of Ouija, Astrology and communication from the other side from her father, Reds, and husband Warren.

Come join Brock and Dave as they give you a crash course in Space Weather, Radio Propragation and alot of ways that your investigation could be effected by it without you even knowing it. How do you look for such interference and identify it? Is there anything you can do to better your investigation or your techniques? Stop on by and find out what Brock and Dave have to say about this. It will surely open your eyes to how difficult a job the paranormal investigator truly has.

Chad McKenzie from Kentucky Paranormal Investigators and the Thursday show Paranormally Awake joins Brock and Dave to talk about the recent Seaton Manor investigation on Friday the 13th. The Seaton Manor is located in Ashland, Kentucky and is a Bed and Breakfast but is opened up for Paranormal investigators to come and investigate it.

The founder of Fox Cities Paranormal and the host of Fox Cities Paranormal Radio that airs on ParaMania, Tim Maile, joins the show. His show airs every Tuesday @10PM Eastern. Tim will talk about his team, personal experiences, equipment they use and how they investigate.

Bill Hauser aka Candoey is a Ghost Box Researcher and Paranormal Investigator. Bill has spent many hours experimenting with the ghostbox and has had great success with communicating with the other side. Bill comes back to share some information about some of his new toys he has been playing with lately.

The Raspberry Pi 2 strikes back with amazing specs and features and even more expands the possibilities. This incredible platform opens up new doorways for experimenters to create whatever their heart desires whether it be for the paranormal or for gadgets around the house and on the go. The Raspberry Pi 2 is a $35 credit card size computer that boasts 1GB of memory and a quad-core ARM v7 900Mhz Processor that can be overclocked! Join us while we talk about what this means and what new things we have discovered for acceessories and add-on boards to expend your Pi.

Brock and Dave talk about all the current products available to paranormal investigators and share our thoughts on them.

Brock and Dave explore the world of wearable tech and talk about how maybe some of it can be adapted to service the paranormal field. What wearacble tech do you use today in your life? What ideas have you had that you would like to share? Be part of the discussion and call in (919) 295-0150.

Brock and Dave talk about medical devices and how they may be the doorway to expanding our understanding to the paranormal.

Brock and Dave flip through electronics catalogs and talk about the things they find and look for and how each item could be used in the paranormal. This show will definitely be free form as we literally flip through catalogs.

Brock and Dave interview Robert Murch, who is the world’s foremost collector, historian and expert on Ouija and talking boards. He also servers as the “Chairman of the Board” for the Talking Board Historical Society. Murch has traveled the world to uncover the truth behind the “Mystifying Oracle” and often collaborates with Hasbro, Winning Moves, USAopology, TCG, and ToyCo who are the producers of the Ouija board today. He has also consulted on or appeared in numerous TV programs features Ouija, including 30 Odd Minutes, TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, A&E’s Storage wars, Paranormal State, Travel Channel’s Mysters at the Museum and Ghost Adventures.

Brock and Dave have a fun show planned where they talk about everything we learned about the paranormal from Scooby Doo. They are also going to be joined by Mr. Jimmy Haunted, host of the Haunted Chronicles.

Brock and Dave talk about how to setup base camp, how to run long runs for video, audio for remote microphones and other devices to be monitored back at your base camp setup on a large location.

Brock and Dave talk with special guest James Erickson, Dave’s father. We will talk about all sorts of potential experiments and devices we could build to attempt to discover more information about the true nature of the paranormal from a true skeptic.

Brock and Dave talk all about power. Everything from batteries, inverter technology, generators and much more. You’ll learn information that could be invaluable on your next investigation!

Brock and Dave talk about all aspects of amateur radio and even how some of the technology used in radio can be applied to the paranormal research. Prepare to get an overview of HAM radio and learn how to become a ham!

Brock and Dave talk about techniques for debunking and troubleshooting during your paranormal investigations.

Brock and Dave talk all about the environmental basics that you should be aware of while investigating.

Brock and Dave talk about using computers on investigations as well as all about data logging.

Is it Time Travel or a Ghost? Brock and Dave discuss some theories on what we may be communicating with and what we may be witnessing when we investigate the paranormal.

Melissa Bruce, the Heavy Metal Psychic, joins Brock and Dave to talk about Astrology, Mediumship, Empathy and much more.

It’s Tech Time in Review! Tech Time celebrates 100 episodes of Tech Time with Brock and Doc as we review some of the topics and past guests that we have had on the show. Maybe even a special guest or two.

Join Tech Time as they broadcast LIVE from the Ohio State Reformatory! Tech Time will be talking with people at the event, as well as seeing what equipment people are using. There might even be a LIVE EVP/GHOSTBOX Session!!

Brock and Dave look back at last weekends Investigation event at Ohio State Reformatory and talk about what was learned, what was seen and what we caught that could be potential evidence.

Join us as we explore the voices within. This could be our inner voice, guides for some of us, guardians for others, big baddy’s and much more. Or it could just be what we think we heard as our brain tries to make sense of the chaos in the noise that’s all around us all the time.

Brock and Dave are joined by Vicki Johns to talk about meditation and how it can be used to clear and focus for an investigation. Also how it can be used to clear at disconnect after an investigation. Possibly a short guided meditation if we have time.

Brock and Dave do a half and half show. They talk about how to produce your own radio show in the first half and in the second half we have a catalog surfer discussion about whats in the tech world out there for you to play with next.

Brock and Dave go into an indepth discussion on how to review audio in search of EVP’s. We also will have video demonstrations showing you how to use a free software program, Audacity, to get the most out of your recordings.

Steve Hultay joins Brock and Dave once again to talk about his current projects and what he has been tinkering with lately.

Brock and Dave discuss ethics in the paranormal. There are certain lines one should never cross in the paranormal field. They will discuss what those lines are and how to ethically investigate and keep your integrity.

Brock and Dave talk about their theories of everything and microphones.

Brock and Dave are joined by author and investigator Stanley Jolet. We talk about his exploration to contact the other side using EVP and ITC.

Brock and Dave explore several metaphysical topics and discus how each could manifest in technology.

Sherri Gamble aka Wingstosoar joins Brock and Dave to teach us about what she does when doing readings and how we might be able to learn to do grounding, cleansing and protection on investigations.

Brock and Dave talk about how technology is interfered by spirit and how spirit can be interfered by technology. How does battery drain really occur in your equipment? Does spirit like EM pumps or are they disruptive to their energy? And much more…

We have no idea what to talk about so we are going to leave that up to the listeners to decide and Brock and Dave will talk about anything…

A look at the increase in demonic reports. We can look at the ‘Devil toybox” and why we believe it is a piece of junk. If it was truly a demonic spirit then couldn’t they fool you and get around the equipment used! Also, why do we think the tools used are low tech on an exorcism..

Hosts Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson are joined by Kenny Attison from LIGHTS Paranormal. LIGHTS Paranormal was founded in 2012 based on a long-sLIGHTS believes that through our unique lifelong paranormal experiences, it has shaped our lives in one way or another, and has led us to an ongoing search for answers. With our constantly expanding knowledge and experiences as our shield, we are compelled to help those who are being affected by the paranormal. Because of this, all investigations are always free of charge and done with the utmosOur mission is simple: to seek out, document, and reveal all paranormal findingsSince starting LIGHTS Paranormal, others have joined in our efforts because they share the same passion and beliefs. In addition, each member brings a vital and credible asset to the team through their unique professional skill sets and diversity.

Psychic Medium Sue Schroeder joins Brock and Dave to talk about crystals, healing, protection and much more.

Brock and Dave talk about the Ghostark, Sb11, Geo-phones and much more.

Tech Time Unplugged and off the rails!! What does unplugged mean to you? Find out what we talk about tonight!

The weather outside is frightful! But the Ghostbox is delightful! Dr. Dave and Brock talk about the Ghostbox AND.. wait for it… wait for it.. do a live ghostbox session!

Brock and Dr. Dave talk about fraud warnings flying around about the Ghostark and discuss whether this really is fraud or just bad business. They also discuss what you need to look out for when ordering new technology from an unknown or new company. What are the signs that you will be taken for a ride?

Brock and Dave talk about the 2016 yearly predictions for technology.

Brock and Dave discuss the pros and cons of using drones and also about some idea for new meters to aid in real time EVP detection.

Join Brock and Doc as we welcome back Extreme Validation Paranormal Society (E.V.P.S) to Tech Time. E.V.P.S will talk about their ITC Research and experiences. Brock and Doc will talk with Tony and members of E.V.P.S about their take on researching the frequencies in which spirit can communicate with us and frequenceies that are possibly assciated with EVPs.

Chad McKenzie, host of Paranormally Awake, has returned to ParaMania after his leave of absence and comes back to visit with Brock and Dave to talk about technology in the paranormal.

Brock and Dr. Dave talk about some their pet peeves and how to make the best out of a bad investigation. How can you make the best out of a public investigation? Or a noisy one? Or one where the client invites over all their friends like a party with no notice…

Brock and Dave are going to talk about the big nasty D word. That’s right, DEMONS!! What kind of effect does a negative entity have on your equipment? Is there anything you can do to protect your equipment.

Brock and Dave talk once again about useless equipment in the paranormal. First up, the Ghostark! Find out the latest news and more!

Hosts Brock and Dave are joined by a paranormal team, White Owl Paranormal.

White Owl was founded several years ago. Our members came together to seek answers to personal questions dealing with the paranormal. We also work very hard to help those that are dealing with activity and feel as if they have no where to turn. We employ research and modern technology to gain anwers,and always have open minds as we search for the truth.

Brock and Dave discuss all sorts of gobbly gook! The guys come up with some pretty heady ideas sometimes and we know how much you love to hear us go on and on about them even though you just sit there, nod and smile and pretend like you have a clue what we are talking about. So.. Why not give you more of the same??

Join Brock and Doc as they look at using Network Video Recorders (NVRs), IPCameras and the Raspberry Pi to record video on investigations. They will discuss the pros and cons, setup and use.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk all about fear. We all experience it. The client experiences it which drives them to seek help from a paranormal team to come into their home. What if the roles were reversed and the investigator or even a medium have a haunting on their hands. When the shoe is on the other foot it’s a whole other ball game. What is the root of all these fears? Find out on Tech Time with Brock and Doc.

What is an ion? What are the effects of positive and negative ions? Do they really have an effect on your paranormal investigation or is it just your perception? Inquiring minds want to know…

Jenny Stewart joins us to talk about her upcoming events, tell us whats been going on and join in the conversation for tonight’s topic. When the tv turns on by itself, and you realize it’s not plugged into the wall… When the toy starts randomly making sounds in the middle of night. Are these paranormal events or just technological faux pas.

Brock and Dave talk about using the XBOX Kinect for Paranormal Investigation. The XBOX Kinect was first shown on Ghost Adventures by Paranormal Researcher and Paranormal Equipment Designer Bill Chappel. Using Sample software freely available online, the XBOX Kinect can be used to detect a person or something interfering with its IR Laser grid and display a stick figure.

Join Brock and Doc as we talk once again with Jeff Sanford, one of the co-founders of Kentucky Paranormal which was founded in 2011. Ky Paranormal started as two different groups (KY Shadow Chasers and KY Spirit Seekers) and were combined in 2011 with the common goal of helping people! Jeff has appeared on My Ghost Story and also appeared in the TAPS Para-magazine in the May/June 2012 issue. We will be catching up with Jeff to find out what him and his team have been up to since he was last on the show 2 years ago. What new equipment has Jeff been using and what does he think about it?

Steve Hultay, a paranormal researcher who has strived to do more in the field, returns to the show to talk about what he has been up to lately. Steve also will share his thoughts and experiences using his Ghostark. Whats the verdict on this new piece of equipment from Italy?

Are Indigos and Autistic’s sensitive to electronics or are electronics sensitive to them? Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson are joined by Kevin Morse (KLF), host of the Indigo Weekly Top 40.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about legal issues in the paranormal. Do you own the content that you backup pr post online? and what legal issues could you run into during an investigation and how do you protect yourself from being sued.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson are joined by two amazing guests. They will be joined by Johnny Zaffis, The Godfather of the Paranormal, Star of Syfy’s Haunted Collector and Demonologist . Also joining us tonight will be Jenny Stewart, Appeared in Animal Planet’s The Haunted Ghostbox Prophecies Episode and founder of the Paranormal Research and Resource Society.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about strange things that have happened with electronics.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson goes off the chain for an exciting episode of some news about new tech, and some stories that will leave you saying OMG!

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson share a little friendly advice about paranormal investigating and technology. Just a few common things that not doing can go a long way. And a few things that doing, will save your expensive equipment from damage. And always remember tea!

Join Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson as we explore the paranormal man cave. Whats in your man cave?

Brock and Dave are joined once again by Dave’s mom, Cheryl Jones. Cheryl talks with them about her paranormal realm.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson will bring you to the Light show. It’s going to be a show all about light. From light anomolies to the effects of light on cameras and much more.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson will be joined by several members of KS White Noise Paranormal based in Wichita, Kansas. Douglas Martin, and Shannon and Jodee Dunkel from their team join us to share some of their experiences, views and a little bit about the technology their team uses to investigate the paranormal.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about a few topics in this show. We will first discuss virtual or augmented reality and discuss whether there is a place in paranormal investigation for use of this type of technology. We also discuss the fascination of Pokémon Go taking over and how it impacts urban explorers. Also, we will discuss some of the privacy concerns and conspiracies being discussed about Pokémon Go.

With the announcement that husband and wife team Jenny Stewart and Dave Erickson are bringing back their popular show that was all about the Ghostbox, “Distorted Frequency” we decided it was time to have Jenny Stewart back on to talk about the new show, the Ghostbox and how it all works. It’s going to beDistorted Frequency returns to ParaMania Radio on Wednesday, August 3rd at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific. The show will feature topics about the ghostbox and interviews with users of the ghostbox along with an examination of what they capturedAlso, be sure to check out Jenny Stewart at one the Ideal Events that she will be attending with other paranormal celebrity guests put on by Ideal Event Management ().

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson start up several arguments on this episode of Tech Time with Brock and Doc titled, “Versus”. The topics will be: Shielded versus Not Shielded, 3D Imaging versus 2d Imaging, High Definition versus Standard Definition. Who will win? Who will lose? Does it matter anyway? Be sure to join and share the experience on this episode.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson discuss the latest technology in the news on Tech Time this week.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about subliminal messages in our daily lives and how they effect us. We might even convince you to send us all your money 🙂 Okay, probaby not but we wouldn’t say no.

Hosts Brock Burroughs and Dave ERickson ask, does the Technology we use do more harm than good? Are we making things worse for the client by collecting data of an investigation and reviewing it? Are we perhaps delving into something that should be left alone? By doing radio shows about the paranormal and sharing evidence are we perhaps exposing people to things that are dangerous or will scare them?

Hosts Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson explore what makes up the psyche of an investigator? What types of people are attracted to the paranormal field and which ones last? How does one deal with hearing the freaky EVPS, the disembodied voices, and still continue on? What does it take to be an investigator and be successful at it? Is there a price to pay for being an investigator and how does it effect the rest of your life And is paranormal investigating and research for everyone?

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson delve in deep and talk about the nature of the paranormal realm and scientific study. They discuss why most scientists are so resistant to the idea of ghosts, spirits, hauntings or even demons. They also talk about what would be required in order to do a scientific study and conduct any research that would be worthy of review by the scientific community.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson attempt to educate you on Quantum Mechanics. It’s not someone who can fix your car just in time. Quantum Mechanics is the branch of mechanics that deals with the mathematical description of the motion and interaction of subatomic particles, incorporating the concepts of quantization of energy, wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, and the correspondence principle. Blah blah blah! What the heck does that mean? Let’s see if we can have this make some more sense. Quantum mechanics is the branch of physics relating to the very small or the body of scientific laws that describe the wacky behavior of photons, electrons and the other particles that make uQuantum Mechanics developed the three principles which are generally accepted thNow don’t worry. Not only are we going to attempt to blow Brock’s mind but we will try to talk about quantum mechanics in a way that we can all understand.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson are joined by Father Alan Cox. Alan is a psychic, radio host, executive producer and a Valentinian gnostic priestAlan Cox is the host of Understanding Spirit, Musical Memories, Inspirational Voices and Sunday Morning Spiritual all here on the ParaMania Radio network. So tAlan’s show Understanding Spirit brings you, all different out looks and opinions of the spirit world. Every week Alan’s guests talk about their beliefs and experiences. The show offers a diverse view of life and the after life. Understanding Spirit has been on Internet Radio for years and joined ParaMania as one of the pilot shows that launched ParaMania Radio back in September of 2011. It airsHis show, Musical Memories, each weeks brings the listeners the top 5 songs in the US and UK from a by gone year. It airs Fridays at 11PM British Summer Time /Then on Sunday mornings, Alan Cox is joined with his co-host Jillian Haslam who bring Inspirational Voices. A show aimed towards the morning listeners in India and Great Britian, Inspirational Voices explores the lives of guests, stories and topics of inspirational people who have overcome great obstacles in life and accomplished great things. The show teaches us that we can all overcome whatever the universe puts before us and can accomplish anything we set our minds to. Check out this show and be inspired to be the best you, that you can be. Tune in for Inspirational Voices when its airs on Sunday’s at 8am British Summer Time And Alan’s lastest creation alongside his cohost Bishop David Parry is Sunday Morning Spiritual. This show talks about what is happening in the world and focuses on different countries about their spiritual beliefs and much more. This shoIn between all his radio shows, he along with his partner Anne help people in need by performing spiritual clearings and cleansings and removing negative entitiAlan recently became the very first Valentinian Gnostic priest in England for at least 700 years which is as far back as records go because all previous documents were destroyed centuries ago.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson explore the world of technology in the paranormal field once again and tell you the truth behind what to buy or not to buy when shopping for paranormal equipment. Buyer beware because not everything appears to be what it seems. And Sometimes, the pricetag is way too high for the convience of having the item.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson discuss how to prepare for a large investigation. What steps should you take in advance, how organized do you need to be, and what shortcuts can you take to streamline your investigation.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson discuss Halloween then and now; Well that is, before we joined the paranormal field and since. How have our views changed? What is so different now from before? If anything. We will also be talking about some Halloween and other spooky investigations we’ve both been on. Maybe even talk about the creepy guy from Henryton that we aren’t even sure he was human.

Actress and Radio Host Jennifer Runyon Corman joins Brock and Dave for an evening to talk about her career, her life and what she is working on next. Jennifer is also a cohost on Haunted Chronicles along with hosts Jimmy Haunted and Brock Burroughs.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson again explore the world of technology in the paranormal field once again with part 2 in this series. Buyer beware because not everything appears to be what it seems. And Sometimes, the price tag is way too high for the convenience of having the item.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about home automation technology and what happens when it goes wrong. Is it paranormal, malfunctioning equipment or getting interference causing unexpected consequences and behaviors. Find out on this edition of Tech Time with Brock and Doc.

Brock Burroughs and Dave Erickson talk about the plethera of tiny little computers out there available that you can do amazing things with today. We’ll talk about some possibilities and their various uses. Are you inventive and creative enough to use one of these to make the next big paranormal gadget?